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Fragile, strong and welcoming all goodbyes with open arms – that’s Thelma Malar. A Berlin-based singer-songwriter with a flair for telling things as they feel, more than as they are. In doing so, each song has a different color, yet usually hits the same part.

Through her music, Thelma presents her vulnerable side with honesty and charisma. She explores relationship, homesickness, „gray feelings“ and the tender moments of life which are impossible to discuss without musical backing.

Carried by an incredible band, her unique songwriting and on-stage humor, the delicate Thelma Malar delivers a groovy and dynamic show that touches and moves again and again.

Being alone on the ocean beside the fin of the shark, waking up in the arms of a stranger, throwing a romance down upon the table in a hand of cards… Thelma crafts frescoes as they come into her head and openly shares her mind, straight from her bedroom. 

After the release of her first single „Blue,” she is producing her debut album „Second Pillow“. Together with her keyboardist and best friend Jona, she has created an album inclusive of everything Thelma wants to be. Funky pop tracks like „Amazing Things“ stand next to heartbreaking ballads like „Vacuum,” and that’s exactly how it should be. „Second Pillow“ sounds warm and loving as well as melancholic and gray, both nostalgic and the beginning of something new.